Recent Invited Talks/Presentations (2022 - present)

CFISG Launch Event Poster Presentation and Live Demonstration, 7 September 2023

Washington University Undergraduate Student Visit, Climate Change Talk, 25 May 2023

SRP 2023/24 Research Methods Module (RMM),  Emerging CDE research area Panel Discussion 2 (Built Environment), 14 April 2023

Wave Energy Dissipation by Flexible Coastal Vegetation, TCOMS, 18 Nov 2022

Introduction to Blue Carbon and The Role of Coastal Vegetation in Blue Carbon, Arup, 16 Nov 2022

Recent Conference Presentations (2022 - present)

The Impact of Flood Regime on River Floodplain Vegetation Coverage: Insights from 30-year Landsat Record, AOGS 2023, 1 Aug 2023 (presented by Sheng Huang)

Effect of Submerged Leafy Vegetation on Regular Wave Attenuation and Cross-shore Profiles Evolution, AOGS 2023, 1 Aug 2023 (presented by Shangpeng Gong)

Reconfiguration of and drag on seagrass blades under orthogonal wave-current conditions, APS March Meeting, 7 March 2023

Wave Attenuation by Flexible Aquatic Vegetation Under Orthogonal Wave-Current Conditions, AGU Fall Meeting 2022, 14 Dec 2022 (presented by Zichen Xu)

Connecting Blue Carbon Accretion within a Seagrass Meadow to the Hydrodynamic Intensity, 33RD KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, 18 Nov 2022

Spatial heterogeneity in particle and carbon retention within a seagrass meadow correlated with the hydrodynamic intensity, AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022, 3 March 2022