HUANG, Sheng

Sheng Huang was a visiting Ph.D. student at the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department of the National University of Singapore (20222023), and a Mphil-Ph.D student at the Hydrology and Water Resources Department of Wuhan University (20192024). 


Previous MSc and FYP Students

Mengxiao Xu, MSc, CE5001 Research Project, The impact of aquatic vegetation on wave attenuation,  2022-2023

Kaishan Lin, MSc, CE5314 Research Project, The impact of hydraulic regime on sediment transport around transplanted seagrass, 2022-2023

Yuwei Li, MSc, ESE5004 Research Project, Wave Attenuation over Vegetation, 2022

Zhaoping Huang, undergrad, 311 FYP, 2022-2023

Elizabeth Jeyapriya, undergrad, FYP, 2022-2023

Susmriti Barua, undergrad, FYP, 2022-2023

Tan Ming Jie, undergrad, FYP, 2022-2023