WANG, Yufei

Dr. Yufei Wang joined the group in June 2023 as a research fellow.  She completed her PhD at the National University of Singapore, followed by a master's degree from Imperial College London and a bachelor's degree from Hohai University. Yufei's research interests primarily revolve around coastal protection, solitary wave dynamics, and the study of viscous damping.

Yufei grew up in China. Outside research, Yufei enjoys reading, photography, and travelling. She loves to explore diverse nature and cultures. 



Dr. Sindhu Sreeranga’s research focuses on coastal engineering and ecology, specializing in nature-based solutions for sustainable coastal management. With a PhD from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, her research revolves around the intricate relationship between fluid flow dynamics and coastal ecosystems. Sindhu employs advanced computational tools such as OpenFOAM and OlaFlow, along with high-performance computing, to model complex fluid dynamics. Her passion for the environment drives her active contributions to the field, including her work on blue carbon, mangrove rehabilitation, breakwater design, field surveys, and providing nature-based solutions. Her dedication to preserving and restoring coastal ecosystems for future generations is a guiding force in her research endeavors.

Apart from research, Sindhu enjoys meditations, nature, landscape photography, cooking and playing with her kid. 


XIE, Yushu

Dr. Yushu Xie joined the group in October 2023. She completed her PhD in Civil & Environmental engineering at the University of Auckland. Her previous research is related to the mechanisms of sediment transport in both fluvial and marine environments. Yushu employed a “Smart Sediment Particle (SSP)” to measure the sediment acceleration during its movement, in combination with the instantaneous flow measurements by PTV technology. In her upcoming research, Yushu will concentrate on hybrid coastal protection solutions, a promising bridge between science problems and practical engineering.

Yushu grew up in Sichuan, China. During her leisure time, Yushu enjoys playing badminton, squash, hiking, and watching TV-series.


XU, Zichen

Zichen Xu is a Ph.D. student in the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory of Civil & Environmental Engineering (Jan 2022 - ). She completed her bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering at Sichuan University (2020). During her Master's degree in Environmental Engineering at NUS, Zichen collected field samples to study microplastic pollution near Singapore. She is interested in understanding wave attenuation and blue carbon sequestration by aquatic vegetation, which contributes to climate change mitigation and nature-based coastal protection solutions.

Zichen grew up in China. The top three of her favorites in the world are sunset, sea, and cute animals. In her free time, she enjoys landscape photography, hiking, cycling, and going for walks, through which she can connect with nature.


LIANG, Xinya

Xinya Liang joined in August 2022 as a Ph.D. student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the National University of Singapore. She completed her bachelor's degree and master's degree (a collaborative program with Polytech Nice-Sophia) at Tianjin University in Coastal Engineering. Her research aims at understanding sediment transport and hydrodynamics in vegetated aquatic environments through computational fluid dynamics.

Outside of academics, Xinya enjoys yoga, water sports, painting, writing novels, and (making) games. She loves people, seas, and sunshine.


SUN, Hongwei

Hongwei Sun is a visiting Ph.D. student at the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department of the National University of Singapore (2023–2024) and a Ph.D. student at Shanghai Jiaotong University (2020-2024). He focuses on the dynamic response of offshore floating platforms under the action of internal solitary waves.

Hongwei Sun is from Rizhao, China. Outside of research, he enjoys photography and playing basketball.


FYP Students

Zeng Xiaotian, undergrad, FYP, 2024

Keamjeera Vatanawood, undergrad, FYP, 2024