Our work on integrated nature-based and engineering solutions to coastal protection is featured by NUS College of Design & Engineering.

Our research will help to create a greener, more liveable, and sustainable future. 

25 November 2023

Sheng HUANG recently concluded his one-year visiting study at NUS. He will now be returning to Wuhan University to pursue the completion of his Ph.D. degree.

We celebrated with a farewell lunch at Cafe on the Ridge.

5 October 2023

During a recent interview with CNA (in English) and 8World (in Mandarin), we discussed the potential role of vegetation in coastal protection. We highlighted its significance in creating a sustainable shoreline defense.

7 September 2023

Singapore has launch a new research institute to build talent in coastal protection, flood management (CFISG) to tackle rising sea. We conducted a real-time demonstration to show the impact of vegetation on wave attenuation.

With the CFISG project, we are investigating the integration of nature-based solutions with existing hard coastal protection structures. Our team is eager to collaborate with industrial partners to develop effective solutions. Also, we are actively seeking talented students and researchers to join us on this important journey! 

7 September 2023